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Convert your project and get benefit from our expertise builder and generate your new revenue and apps with us.


What We Do ?

Start working with Android Builder that can provide everything you need to generate new app with us.

Design & Branding

Sleek UI provides you the optimum way of handling the things.

0% Commission

The application you create will be your own entity. We are not taking any commission.

Bundle of components

A huge collection of components is available here. Just pick and use it.

Remove Following Components
From Project

Due to blocks changes our converter unable to convert your project until you're not removing those listed component Otherwise you will face blocks not loaded properly error in builder.

  • This Will Impact On Your Project
  • You Can Load Your Blocks Properly
  • This Will Convert Your Project Without Issues

Easy And Best Solution
For Your Project

We just created this app to convert blocks, properties, and components converted from other Appinventor Distros to Android Builder. To get the code for pasting, extract your aia and open it..bky &.scm, then copy the code and paste it here to convert.

  • To extract a project, use MT Manager.
  • Copy the code from the .BKY and .SCM files.
  • Before pasting, check if your project contains non-supported components or not.

After Converting Your
Project Code

For some reasons, some times it can't be converted. Then you can retry it and after converting, copy those codes and paste them back into your project and zip it again, then upload it to Android builder.

  • Copy those codes and paste them into the project
  • After Copy Code, re-zip it
  • Now import your project into Android Builder

Key Features

Export, extract, and turn your projects into android builder projects with the definitive platform for digital design.

Use On Any Device

You can use this on any android version.

Avoid Bugs

The team provides a pre-made removed component list to avoid bugs.

Docs Ready

With tutorial videos, our team is ready to show you how to use the app.

Instant Support

Our team is providing instant support to the users via community and telegram groups.y

Fully Responsive

One advantage of this app is that it's fully responsive on any device.

AI Distro Compatibility

We develop all appinventor distro compatibility, allowing any project to be converted to Android builder.

Mobile Apps

Available for your

Export, extract, and turn your projects into android builder projects with the definitive platform for digital design.

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